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  • Africa: Out of Many, One People

    Africa: Out of Many, One People0

    Traveling across Africa can be very hectic, logistics of travel visas aside; transit hours can be cumbersome and at times outright ridiculous. For some of us the consolation is that travelling across Africa is more often than not an enriching experience. As you travel across Africa you soon realise that out of the continent’s huge

  • Happy Independence Day, Uganda

    Happy Independence Day, Uganda0

    I had a conversation with my Dad earlier today . He was ironing his red T-shirt when he remarked – this used to be a day when we all wore red because of UPC (Uganda People’s Congress), a political party known to exist from the 1960’s ME: But Kabaka Mutesa was given charge on Independence

  • Chinese Companies And The Abuse Of Zambian Workers

    Chinese Companies And The Abuse Of Zambian Workers0

    At the time when the talk in the country is on the debt the Zambian government owes China, something more serious about the Chinese is being ignored: hundreds of Chinese companies operating in the country are paying their workers meagre salaries and conditions of service are very worrying. Workers in factories are not provided with


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Jacques Rousseau

In case this needs to be said: you can *simultaneously* believe the DA to be broken in various ways *and* think de Lille to be over-egging her particular case. It’s not a binary equation. Not taking sides - just pointing out that voting can (should?) be tactical, not reactive.