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  • Bobi Wine – 2021 Beckons

    Bobi Wine – 2021 Beckons0

    The countdown to 2021 in Ugandan elections is on. Amendment to laws have been made and campaigns are already in full gear. NRM, the rulling party has already announced it’s candidate. Bobi Wine aka Robert Kyagulanyi has also said he intends to run. On Thursday last week, the well known musician turned politician appeared on

  • #IWD2019 : Balance for Better? ( #JIF2019  : Pour un monde plus équilibré)

    #IWD2019 : Balance for Better? ( #JIF2019  : Pour un monde plus équilibré)0

    Aujourd’hui, c’est la journée de la Femme. Le thème de cette année est le suivant : #BalanceForBetter (Pour un monde plus équilibré). De nombreuses femmes se plongeront ce mois-ci dans leur vie, leur cœur et leur travail pour donner vie à ce thème. Et si l’on s’en réfère à vous et moi, il sera rendu

  • Zambia Implements Ban On Plastic Carrier Bags

    Zambia Implements Ban On Plastic Carrier Bags0

    Several multi-national chain stores countrywide have started implementing government’s ban on the sale and distribution of carrier plastics bags to customers in Zambia. So far, Shoprite, Pick and Pay and Game Stores have started providing alternative plastics to their customers. Shoprite, which is one of the largest retailers in the country, has supplied recyclable plastic


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