• Robert Mugabe and the Girl Called Zimbabwe

    Robert Mugabe and the Girl Called Zimbabwe7

    So, you took this woman to your house. You knew very well that in the village everyone wanted her. Everyone wanted to be close to her, to feel her embrace, and to see her smile. Everyone was envious when you took her with you to your bedroom. Of course, you were touted the luckiest guy in

  • The pain of coming home

    The pain of coming home0

    By the time the bus decelerates to a squeaking halt, the beating of her heart is almost choking her, reducing her breath to spasms.

  • Zim Bond Coin Vexing the Masses, Smiling all the Way to Reserve Bank0

    There are conversations that we are not having concerning our more mundane economic realities in Zimbabwe. I boarded a commuter omnibus, commonly referred to as a ‘kombi’ in our country.  An elderly lady, most probably a working mother, had a heated conversation with the kombi conductor about the change that she was handed for her

  • Samora Machel’s legacy lives0

    By Blessing Vava It is exactly five years since the Committee of the Peoples Charter (CPC), launched the inaugural Samora Machel Public lecture at the New Ambassador Hotel in Harare in 2010 to celebrate and remember the life of Comrade Samora Moises Machel. Comandete Moises Machel The inaugural launch drew eminent speakers drawn from various civil

  • Time for Zim’s civil society to go back to the basics

    Time for Zim’s civil society to go back to the basics0

    The defeat of the opposition in the June 2013 elections was a huge setback in the struggle for democratic change in Zimbabwe. The result not only left the opposition in disarray, but led to another split which saw the birth of the MDC Renewal to add on to the already many existing and yet ineffective


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To ask what KDF was doing in the mall for four days in Sept 2013 is to "divert our resolve to remain United (sic) against [terrorism]"? And we need handouts to demand answers from the government we pay taxes to? Sounds like #Dumbassery to me. twitter.com/Moha_Abd…