• Flying African Airlines: Colonial Travels and Travails

    Flying African Airlines: Colonial Travels and Travails0

    Travelling by airplane across borders on the African continent is an interesting experience. It is always an encounter with what we have always been politicized with as Pan Africanism, even if it is no longer as ideological or identity driven. Especially if it’s that typical flight that leaves one capital for another before it arrives

  • Zimbabwe Bond Note Panic, Class and Other Considerations

    Zimbabwe Bond Note Panic, Class and Other Considerations0

    We are all default economists in Zimbabwe now. Or at least some sort of experts in asset management and financial services. Mainly because of the collective national panic over the introduction of bond notes at the end of this month. It all begins with those that have savings of one form or the other. Whether

  • Zimbabwean Music and its Influence on Society

    Zimbabwean Music and its Influence on Society1

    Zimbabwean music has continued playing an important part in the country’s cultural history, shaping social discourse in the everyday lives of people. Over the years musical compositions of different genres have been churned providing entertainment, provoking debate, educating society and providing social commentary in our communities and country at large. Music has acted as a

  • ‘Capital’ and Inequality in Zimbabwe

    ‘Capital’ and Inequality in Zimbabwe0

    Photo Credit: BBC A friend who lives and works in the Diaspora recently gave me a copy of the highly regarded French economist Thomas Piketty’s bestselling book ‘Capital in the Twenty-First Century’.   Because of Zimbabwe’s Marxist/Leninist ideological history, the term ‘capital’ consistently rings a socialist bell in the consciousness of a greater number of political

  • The complexities of Social Media in Zimbabwe

    The complexities of Social Media in Zimbabwe0

    For the past two months, Zimbabwe has been dominating the regional and international news headlines following a “wave” of protests, mainly in the capital city Harare. Most significant are the events of July 6, which many commentators and some sections of the media are attributing the successes to mobilisation through #hashtags on social media. However,


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