• Zambezi: A Town Divided On Ethnic Lines

    Zambezi: A Town Divided On Ethnic Lines0

    There are very few places in Zambia with such a spectacular view of the Zambezi River than Zambezi Town in the North Western province. The location of the town makes it an ideal tourist destination. Yet tribal rivalry has become the highlight of the town. Zambezi River passes through Zambezi Town, divides it into two towns,

  • Zambia’s Disturbing Political Crisis

    Zambia’s Disturbing Political Crisis0

    Zambia’s main opposition party, United Party for National Development (UPND) has continued to receive a bashing from the Patriotic Front (PF) government with the church and civil society raising alarm at what they describe as an accelerated move towards a dictatorship. Zambia now has a situation where opposition leader, Hakainde Hichilema remains in indefinite detention

  • The Source of Zambezi River is Dry, What’s Happening?

    The Source of Zambezi River is Dry, What’s Happening?0

    For the first time ever in recorded history, the source of the once might Zambezi is dry. Even more surprising is the fact that this has happened at a time when, water levels in the region are supposed to be at their highest on account of the good rains experienced in the past six months. A

  • Pressure Mounts on Zambian Gov’t to Address Deteriorating Political Environment

    Pressure Mounts on Zambian Gov’t to Address Deteriorating Political Environment0

    On 10th April, 2017, Zambia Police invaded the house of leading opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema. The Police switched off power at the house, blocked the main roads and then broke down the gates to the house to gain access to the house before firing teargas into the house. The

  • Mining and Tuberculosis in Zambia

    Mining and Tuberculosis in Zambia0

    Mining activities in Zambia bring the much needed revenue for development. Being the second largest copper producer in Africa, mining is a key revenue generation activity for Zambia. Yet, mining also has its own negative effects on people’s health. Tuberculosis (TB) is one disease which is predominantly found in mining towns, a case in point is Copperbelt Province,

  • Want To Get Rich? – Join Politics

    Want To Get Rich? – Join Politics0

    AFRICAN politicians long abandoned the idea of servant-hood. As famous Kenyan Law Professor Patrick Lumumba recently observed, in Africa, the shortest route to ill-gotten wealth is political leadership. Examples abound across the continent of Africa of how poor citizens continue to cough blood to sustain the lavish lifestyles of politicians. How much are these our



    … a book review by Bruce Chooma Author: Cade Chikobo Pages: 100 Theme: Politics and governance My friend of many years Cade Chikobo recently published a book called “Dreams Of Our Country” a call to young people to rise to the challenge of national political leadership. The book seeks to draw a narrative around the

  • HIV Prevalence, Human Rights and Reforms in Zambian Prisons

    HIV Prevalence, Human Rights and Reforms in Zambian Prisons0

    The HIV prevalence rate for inmates in Zambia is twice bigger than that of the general population. A recent study by Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) has established that the HIV prevalence rate among inmates is at 27% while the country’s prevalence rate is at 13%. This is the first survey of its kind since Zambian

  • Malawi and Zambia Get Maized

    Malawi and Zambia Get Maized0

    This article was co-authored by  Jimmy Kainja from Malawi  Governments of Malawi and Zambia have come under fire over an alleged maize export scam of 100, 000 metric tons involving about US $13 million dollars. When the allegations of the scam surfaced, Malawi President Peter Mutharika appointed a Commission of Inquiry to probe into the

  • Zambia’s LGBT Community Pushes For Official Recognition In HIV Fight

    Zambia’s LGBT Community Pushes For Official Recognition In HIV Fight0

    A consortium of Zambian civil society organizations championing the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) people has embarked on a campaign to advance their rights in the soon-to-be launched 2016 – 2019 Zambia National AIDS Strategic Framework. According to the consortium’s submission to Zambia’s National AIDS Council, the group wants the new framework to


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