• Jailing Of Homosexuals Sparks Zambia-US Diplomatic Row

    Jailing Of Homosexuals Sparks Zambia-US Diplomatic Row0

    A diplomatic row has broken out between Zambia and the United States following the arrest of Zambian men to 15 years in jail, each for homosexuality. This is the minmum jail term that those convicted of “unnatural acts” can get. The two men, Japhet Chataba and Steven Sambo, both in their 30s are the first

  • Ritual Killers Target Albinos’ Body Parts in Zambia

    Ritual Killers Target Albinos’ Body Parts in Zambia0

    Parents of children born with albinism across Zambia are having to employ extra security for their children following a number of cases in which people with albinism  are being killed or brutally attacked by suspected ritual killers. Fortune seekers believe that using albino body parts can make one rich. This myth has led to many

  • Politics of Hunger in Zambia

    Politics of Hunger in Zambia0

    A recent report by Global Hunger Index has ranked Zambia the fifth hungriest country in the world. This coincidentally comes at a time when the country is grappling with a severe drought which has devastated more than half of the country mainly in the Southern, Central and Western Provinces, leaving many rural households surviving on wild fruits, roots and

  • Gun Culture Engulfs Zambian Politics

    Gun Culture Engulfs Zambian Politics0

    The political temperature is rising as Zambia nears the 2021 general elections. The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) and the main opposition party United Party for National Development (UPND) are not leaving anything to chance. Analysts have put this to the fact that the ruling party has never felt secure with its narrow victory over UPND

  • Zambian Investigative Reporter Dies under Mysterious Circumstances

    Zambian Investigative Reporter Dies under Mysterious Circumstances0

    A 42 year old Zambian investigative journalist, Humphrey Nkonde who has been writing hard-hitting investigative reports has been found dead, 10 days after he went missing. Nkonde, was an assistant editor at a Catholic-run Mission Press in the northern town of Ndola. He went missing on 22nd September, a day before he was scheduled to


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