• Drones for Social Good in Uganda0

    Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with Silver Kayondo, the Co-Founder and CEO of DroneNerds Africa (Uganda) Limited. The company specializes in frontiering the use of commercial drones/UAVs in agriculture, construction, GIS mapping, environmental compliance monitoring, and humanitarian refugee support in Uganda. During the meeting, we talked about the ways his company is helping

  • Innovation hubs and the privatisation of societal failures

    Innovation hubs and the privatisation of societal failures0

    The success of start-ups such as Slack, BuzzFeed, flipkart.com and some sects of the on demand economy such as Uber and Airbnb were all part of the refining and spread of start-up culture. A culture that is often sold using the stories of individuals who quit something solid to ‘chase their ambitions’, ‘work in a


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