• Be Afraid of Governments Condemning Social Media “Misuse”

    Be Afraid of Governments Condemning Social Media “Misuse”0

    2019 has hardly taken any shape, yet there has already been a succession of Internet shutdowns across Africa. These shutdowns have come as governments attempt to narrow and shutdown spectrums of acceptable opi§nion and freedom of expression. These shutdowns have been affected either as citizens demand justice, better service delivery, human rights and free and fair

  • Drones for Social Good in Uganda0

    Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with Silver Kayondo, the Co-Founder and CEO of DroneNerds Africa (Uganda) Limited. The company specializes in frontiering the use of commercial drones/UAVs in agriculture, construction, GIS mapping, environmental compliance monitoring, and humanitarian refugee support in Uganda. During the meeting, we talked about the ways his company is helping


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Interesting article on China's interests in Africa's digital space & yeah my PhD research topic looks into some of these critical issues.."China's growing presence in the communications & ICT sector in Africa." @DeproseM chinaafricaproject.c… via @eolander