• Hate speech and legal overreach in South Africa

    Hate speech and legal overreach in South Africa0

    The intentions motivating the draft South African Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill are – as far as I can tell – entirely noble, but perhaps not entirely sound. If you don’t know about the Bill, you can read Justice Minister Michael Masutha’s justification for it on Daily Maverick, in which he says that: It

  • This ‘fro: When is it politics and when is it fashion?

    This ‘fro: When is it politics and when is it fashion?0

    I have worn my hair in a messy afro for most of the last six years. It was the easiest way to survive dark days in college when I couldn’t be bothered to remove the three little twist braids from an all-night of reading. It was convenient and provided less heat in Kampala, allowing me

  • Caster Semenya, and Fairness in Sport (and Life)

    Caster Semenya, and Fairness in Sport (and Life)0

    If we were to design athletic competition from scratch, how would we proceed? I think, given all the biases we’ve challenged or discarded since the first time athletic competition was tracked (sex, gender, race), we’d hope to find some way to match competitors in a way that created the spectacle required, and rewarded skill and

  • Mandela Day and Sustainable Charity

    Mandela Day and Sustainable Charity0

    In November 2009, the United Nations General Assembly declared that 18 July should be commemorated as “Nelson Mandela International Day”, in recognition of his “struggle for democracy internationally and the promotion of a culture of peace”. It is unfortunately all too easy to imagine Mandela looking on in dismay at where we are in 2016,

  • Democracy, my foot

    Democracy, my foot0

    Like many other Ugandans, whatever illusions I might have had about our being a “democracy” were quashed in February. But, every now and then I chance upon something that extols our democratic virtues. Government literature, especially. It’s rare to read a government report whose foreword or introduction does not include a reminder about how far


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Dear Kenyans, @UKenyatta & Co do not think that the problem is citizens starving. Rather, the problem they see is that the media is making the regime look bad. To them, this is a PR problem. sde.co.ke/amp/articl… pic.twitter.com/cNlm…