• Drones for Social Good in Uganda0

    Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with Silver Kayondo, the Co-Founder and CEO of DroneNerds Africa (Uganda) Limited. The company specializes in frontiering the use of commercial drones/UAVs in agriculture, construction, GIS mapping, environmental compliance monitoring, and humanitarian refugee support in Uganda. During the meeting, we talked about the ways his company is helping

  • Tanzania at the T-Junction

    Tanzania at the T-Junction0

    The protagonists of the recently premiered film, T-Junction, are a marvel to watch. Although dubbed “An Amil Shivji’s film”, it is a collaborative work that brings Tanzanian talents as they attempt to make sense of our society. What is particularly impressive is the way the scriptwriter who also happens to be the director has juxtaposed

  • Inhumane Oddities to Zimbabwean Life. Thanks to State and Private Capitalism.

    Inhumane Oddities to Zimbabwean Life. Thanks to State and Private Capitalism.0

    There are certain oddities to Zimbabwean life at the moment. And it takes lived experiences to be able to explain them. Even if our country is neither at war nor tittering at the brink of it. I have a good comrade that I know that survived a car accident. He was not driving. Nor was

  • Gender dysphoria and gender reassignment

    Gender dysphoria and gender reassignment0

    When writing this, I had just finished reading Scott O. Lilienfeld’s piece titled “How can skepticism do better?“, in which he notes that: The great Swiss developmental psychologist Jean Piaget got a number of details wrong; for example, he almost surely underestimated children’s cognitive capacities in many domains. Nevertheless, Piaget imparted a crucial insight that

  • Sensitivity in the age of the internet meme

    Sensitivity in the age of the internet meme0

    The embedding of social media networks into our daily lives led to the rise of the internet meme, bringing humour to the many words that fill the interwebs. But it was really in 2014 when the ‘Confused Black Girl’ image went viral that it was clear that, the age of the internet meme is upon

  • Zambia, Lost Sheep

    Zambia, Lost Sheep0

    Zambians are amazing people. They can take anything from anyone. We are a lost sheep. We have lost the love for one another. We are jealous of each other, we fight one another. Even in families today we no longer celebrate each other’s successes with sincere hearts, we have broken Christian values. We do not

  • 6 reasons why Uganda needs to abolish the death penalty

    6 reasons why Uganda needs to abolish the death penalty0

    After spending 22 years behind bars and 19 years on death row, Troy Davis was finally executed by lethal injection in a prison in Jackson on September 21, 2011 after the guilty verdict was upheld by the US Supreme Court in a 23 worded document. He had been convicted in 1991 of the murder of off-duty Savannah

  • Cancer Could be as Good as Death Sentence in Kenya0

    Getting diagnosed with cancer in Kenya could mean imminent death if you are not extremely wealthy or have a good medical cover. Everyday social media sites are littered with medical appeals of patients seeking funds for cancer treatment abroad. As I am putting together this piece, the hash tag #HelpBabyElsaFightCancer is trending on social media.

  • Zimbabwean Music and its Influence on Society

    Zimbabwean Music and its Influence on Society1

    Zimbabwean music has continued playing an important part in the country’s cultural history, shaping social discourse in the everyday lives of people. Over the years musical compositions of different genres have been churned providing entertainment, provoking debate, educating society and providing social commentary in our communities and country at large. Music has acted as a


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