• Electricity Cuts, Lifestyles and Modified Behaviour in Zimbabwe

    Electricity Cuts, Lifestyles and Modified Behaviour in Zimbabwe0

    Electricity and access to it is a big issue in Zimbabwe at the moment.  Not least by admission of our own government but more importantly by the lived realities of many urban based Zimbabweans, civil service workers, social service providers, informal traders and formal or informal private business owners. I have mentioned ‘urban’ Zimbabweans because

  • Rethinking Unemployment, Skilling the Youth and Refugees in Uganda

    Rethinking Unemployment, Skilling the Youth and Refugees in Uganda0

    On 15th July the world celebrates World Youth Skills day, this is particularly important for Africa where majority of the world’s young people live. Uganda is among African countries with youngest populations, with over 78 percent of its population below the age of 30; almost eight million youth are aged 15-30. The country also happens to

  • A Pride Month Message From Uganda

    A Pride Month Message From Uganda0

    Uganda is a beautiful country known for many good things, but not its treatment of the LGBTI+ community. Like many African countries, Uganda’s policies were inherited by colonialists and religious leaders. These influences have led to the LGBTI+ community being considered illegal and unacceptable. On 14 October 2009 Anti-Homosexuality Bill, 2009 was introduced in the Ugandan parliament,

  • Tales of Triumph Over Cancer Despite Depressing Cost of Treatment in Kenya

    Tales of Triumph Over Cancer Despite Depressing Cost of Treatment in Kenya0

    The doctors told my dad to take me home and make me comfortable. There was nothing else they could do, I had about 14 days to live. I had gone to the hospital able to walk on my own but now I had to be wheeled out in wheelchair – the death sentence from the

  • The varied facets of marriage in Uganda

    The varied facets of marriage in Uganda0

    Getting married in Uganda is becoming a trick. It has of late become very expensive. Couples these days are going all out and all in, to have very lavish weddings. $5000 decor and $1000 suits for the groom plus off course a $3000 wedding gown and that’s just for the first attire. The bridal entourage

  • Africa: Out of Many, One People

    Africa: Out of Many, One People0

    Traveling across Africa can be very hectic, logistics of travel visas aside; transit hours can be cumbersome and at times outright ridiculous. For some of us the consolation is that travelling across Africa is more often than not an enriching experience. As you travel across Africa you soon realise that out of the continent’s huge

  • Drones for Social Good in Uganda0

    Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with Silver Kayondo, the Co-Founder and CEO of DroneNerds Africa (Uganda) Limited. The company specializes in frontiering the use of commercial drones/UAVs in agriculture, construction, GIS mapping, environmental compliance monitoring, and humanitarian refugee support in Uganda. During the meeting, we talked about the ways his company is helping

  • Tanzania at the T-Junction

    Tanzania at the T-Junction0

    The protagonists of the recently premiered film, T-Junction, are a marvel to watch. Although dubbed “An Amil Shivji’s film”, it is a collaborative work that brings Tanzanian talents as they attempt to make sense of our society. What is particularly impressive is the way the scriptwriter who also happens to be the director has juxtaposed

  • Inhumane Oddities to Zimbabwean Life. Thanks to State and Private Capitalism.

    Inhumane Oddities to Zimbabwean Life. Thanks to State and Private Capitalism.0

    There are certain oddities to Zimbabwean life at the moment. And it takes lived experiences to be able to explain them. Even if our country is neither at war nor tittering at the brink of it. I have a good comrade that I know that survived a car accident. He was not driving. Nor was

  • Gender dysphoria and gender reassignment

    Gender dysphoria and gender reassignment0

    When writing this, I had just finished reading Scott O. Lilienfeld’s piece titled “How can skepticism do better?“, in which he notes that: The great Swiss developmental psychologist Jean Piaget got a number of details wrong; for example, he almost surely underestimated children’s cognitive capacities in many domains. Nevertheless, Piaget imparted a crucial insight that


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