• Dealing with “Unintentional Racism”

    Dealing with “Unintentional Racism”0

    Eusebius McKaiser invited me onto his radio show to talk about intentions and their role in assigning praise and blame, or more broadly, in determining the moral status of speech and action. You can listen to the podcast of the conversation, and/or read further if you’re interested in a fuller description of my views on

  • Uganda’s love for bananas endures

    Uganda’s love for bananas endures0

    The person who came up with the term banana republic must have had the future Uganda republic in mind. We love bananas so much that your typical Ugandan consumes more bananas than anyone else in any other country. Beyond most Ugandan’s love for bananas, we are still a political and economic banana republic in every

  • Bright or Bleak Future for the Opposition in Tanzania?

    Bright or Bleak Future for the Opposition in Tanzania?0

    “Indeed all dictatorships are basically weak; because the means they apply in governance make them inherently unstable” – Mwalimu Julius Nyerere Tanzanians appear united about the positive outcomes of the postponement of nationwide marches that were slated for September 1st. It diffused the political tension that reached its peak with arrests of some politicians. However,

  • How Will Zambians Remember Patriotic Front?

    How Will Zambians Remember Patriotic Front?0

    Should the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) succeed to lose tomorrow’s election, what memories will Zambians hold of a party many loved for its pro-poor ideologies and populist political strategy? In 2011 under the leadership of the late Michael Sata, in polls widely lauded as free and fair, the PF made history on the African continent

  • Malawi, A Country of Short-Term Fixes and Permanent Crises

    Malawi, A Country of Short-Term Fixes and Permanent Crises0

    Malawi leaders are very good at finding quick fixes to complicated problems, akin to bandaging boils instead of bursting and treating them. Wishing problems away instead of dealing with them. Malawi is always in a state of crisis because its leaders always opt for quick but temporary fixes to complicated problems that seem popular at


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