• Leadership is Not About Age

    Leadership is Not About Age0

    Youthful Vice President Hon Chilima and President Mutharika    One of the recurring issues on Malawi’s political scene, at least from 2014 is the issue of youth leadership. Youthful Atupele Muluzi contested on this agenda in 2014 elections and finished a distant fourth in an election won by the oldest candidate on the ballot, Peter

  • Protecting Kenya’s Civic Space

    Protecting Kenya’s Civic Space0

    This wasn’t how things were meant to turn out. It was so very different 16 years ago, when we sang of how Unbwogable we were and dreamt that Yote Yawezekana Bila Moi. Across the entire governance space, the state was in retreat. By 2002, a true civic space had been created which was evidenced by

  • Age Isn’t a Problem, Malawi Needs to Move Away from Personality Politics

    Age Isn’t a Problem, Malawi Needs to Move Away from Personality Politics0

    Malawi appears to be living in a never-ending electoral cycle. The local politics is always about the next elections, as much as it is about politicians always positioning themselves for top government and public positions where the bounties of this peaceful country are shared, away from the majority of its citizens who have to grapple

  • Re-Living the Chibondo Genocide

    Re-Living the Chibondo Genocide0

    On my recent visit to Zimbabwe, I took time to attend an exhibition of the Chibondo Genocide at the National Heroes Acre in Harare where liberation heroes are buried. The exhibition was put together by the National Museums and Monuments of Zimbabwe. It’s a story of how in April 2011 Zimbabweans wake up to a

  • Re-Reading Morgan Tsvangirai’s Bio, ‘At the Deep End’

    Re-Reading Morgan Tsvangirai’s Bio, ‘At the Deep End’0

    I recently re-read Zimbabwe’s late former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s biography or memoir, ‘At the Deep End.’  Written in collaboration with the late journalist William Bango, the book is essentially about  Tsvangirai’s reflections on his own life.  Both the personal and more significantly (for me at least)  the political aspects of the same. And its


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I think this is right - of course people/parties are going to look for the cheap wins, but this is poorly judged given the problems we (and other jurisdictions) have had with xenophobic madness. twitter.com/GvanOnse…