• Even With Access to Information, Malawi Needs Whistle-blowers

    Even With Access to Information, Malawi Needs Whistle-blowers0

    On 6th August 2016 one of Malawi’s two dailies, The Nation newspaper reported that Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs had started an exercise that would result in all public servants taking oath of secrecy in all government Ministries, Departments and Agencies. The Justice Ministry did not speak to the media but the then Minister

  • African Leaders Could use ‘Fake News’ to Control Internet Access

    African Leaders Could use ‘Fake News’ to Control Internet Access1

    Social media and technology companies have emerged as major culprit of the 2016 American elections for allowing publication and promotion of ‘fake news’. For sometime journalists and media researchers have warned and argued against the increasingly influential role that technology companies are playing in determining journalistic decision within the mainstream media. Emily Bell, a journalist

  • Free Speech Versus Fake News

    Free Speech Versus Fake News0

    Let’s assume that we – as a species – are not as smart as some of us think we are. I think that this is true (even if sometimes overstated), and that realising that it’s true allows us to accept that sometimes, we don’t know what’s best for us. Recognising that we are irrational choosers

  • Zambia Shuts Down Independent Media

    Zambia Shuts Down Independent Media1

    Zambia’s press freedom record continues on a downward spiral with a government decision to shut down some independent broadcasting houses on Monday 22nd August, 2016 on allegations of unprofessional conduct in the pre-election and post-election period. This comes a few months after the biggest independent newspaper, The Post which was very critical of the ruling party

  • South African news media: hopefully not dead, just resting

    South African news media: hopefully not dead, just resting0

    Fridays are the day when – if I happen to walk into a store that sells newspapers – I’ll often cast a wistful gaze at the stack of Mail & Guardian (M&G) papers delivered that morning, noting that my primary impulse would sooner be to straighten the stack rather than to buy a copy. This


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