• Uganda’s NGO Bill: The Sting In The Passed Law

    Uganda’s NGO Bill: The Sting In The Passed Law0

    When the Parliamentary Committee on Defence and Internal Affairs tabled its, largely, progressive report on the Bill after extensive consultation with government, NGOs and other stakeholders; the state made it clear that they would be coming hard on the report to battle it on the floor of Parliament. As the Executive recruited several Members of

  • Malawi’s calculative and manipulative leaders

    Malawi’s calculative and manipulative leaders0

    Malawi was a de facto police state during a good part of former president Hastings Kamuzu Banda’s 30 years rule. There was no rule of law or judicial system to speak of. Kangaroo courts and traditional tribunal were Kamuzu’s preferred systems. The late Orton and his Wife Vera Chirwa who were recognised as prisoners of


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