• The Economic Pressure Behind Zambia’s ‘Weed licenses’

    The Economic Pressure Behind Zambia’s ‘Weed licenses’0

    Crippling debt, weakening currency and poor budget performance pushes the Southern African government to join the weed race… Zambia’s cabinet on 4th December 2019 approved the production and export of Marijuana, effectively lifting a longstanding moratorium on the issuance of licenses for this purpose.  A Ministerial Technical Committee for the cultivation, processing, and export of

  • Widowhood, a prison for African women

    Widowhood, a prison for African women0

    In my area, our neighbour’s husband died. African traditions require that one should assist one’s neighbour in times of happiness, as well as in times of misfortune, so I went to express my sympathy and say “Yako”.[1] The atmosphere was heavy in Madame Kouassi’s courtyard. Turning forty, this poor lady had just lost her husband.

  • How will Kenyans remember Bob Collymore?

    How will Kenyans remember Bob Collymore?0

    The CEO of Kenya’s most profitable company Bob Collymore is no more. A statement from Safaricom, Kenya’s leading telecommunications services provider, said that Collymore died in the morning of July 1st at his Nairobi home. He had been battling Acute Myeloid Leukemia, and in late  2017, had taken  time off from the company to seek


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