• Hand me a Spanner

    Hand me a Spanner0

    Feminist discussions with many friends often lead to “so why do you think you’re better than me?” And, no matter how many times I’m asked this I’m always surprised. There’s this idea that, because I’m speaking and thinking around patriarchy and about ways to dismantle a damaging societal structure, I consider myself better. As if

  • Time for  girls’ football

    Time for girls’ football4

    Tanzanian society suffers from large gender disparities that restrict the accessibility of basic services for girls and women.

  • Active By-Standers: How do we make the streets a safe place for all?

    Active By-Standers: How do we make the streets a safe place for all?0

    It was hard to feel safe during the time after the Anti-Porn Act was passed and hooligans across the country were undressing women (owing, in large part, to remarks from Minister of Ethics and Integrity Simon Lokodo). Anyone was game. Skirts. Tights. Jeans. As different boda boda men have insisted to me, they are aware

  • Month of Breast Protests in Uganda

    Month of Breast Protests in Uganda0

    I was sitting in the living room with my mother and grandmother as we watched the news broadcast of the women in Amuru on NTV Uganda. On 16th April, 2015, women stripped before the Minister of Land and Minister of Internal Affairs over a land dispute. “It’s a curse,” my mother said. My grandmother agreed.


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