• Beyond Representation: Maybe it is okay that some be dummies

    Beyond Representation: Maybe it is okay that some be dummies0

    During the first Presidential debate, Maureen Kyalya Waluube – who was the only woman in the 2016 Uganda Presidential race – said that some of the women in power are “dummies.” I suspect some of those women might have been horrified, especially given that it was coming from a fellow woman, one who has “been”

  • Hand me a Spanner

    Hand me a Spanner0

    Feminist discussions with many friends often lead to “so why do you think you’re better than me?” And, no matter how many times I’m asked this I’m always surprised. There’s this idea that, because I’m speaking and thinking around patriarchy and about ways to dismantle a damaging societal structure, I consider myself better. As if


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