• In Defence of Zimbabwe’s Rural Voter

    In Defence of Zimbabwe’s Rural Voter1

    When the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) started announcing the 2018 election results there was a lot of urban/social media anger at rural voters.  The numbers that were being announced were indicating that the ruling Zanu Pf party was winning parliamentary constituencies with comparatively wide margins. Some social media celebrities were quick to express their disdain

  • Mugabe’s Bitter Election Eve Presser: Spiting his Former Party and the Country0

    Former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe decided to create what is referred to as a ‘cliffhanger’ moment’ for the elections that are due tomorrow. He did so by holding a press conference on the eve of Zimbabwe’s 2018 ‘harmonised’ election. In the press conference he held, he indicated that he was ousted against his will. The

  • When Emmerson Mnangagwa Met White Zimbabweans

    When Emmerson Mnangagwa Met White Zimbabweans0

    It began with Zimbabwe’s deputy President Chiwenga holding two surprising campaign meetings.  One with what was called the ‘Indian’ community.  Another with what was referred to as the ‘Coloured community’.  The current Zanu Pf leader and president of the country, Emerson Mnagangwa,  then also recently  held what was dubbed an ‘interface meeting’ with Zimbabweans who

  • Cameroun : aurons-nous une élection présidentielle crédible en octobre ?0

    Le 9 juillet dernier, le président de la république du Cameroun a signé un décret convoquant le corps électoral en vue de l’élection présidentielle qui se tiendra le 7 octobre 2018. Si ce décret vient mettre fin à un certain nombre de rumeurs et théories qui annonçaient l’anticipation ou le report de cette élection, il

  • Leadership is Not About Age

    Leadership is Not About Age0

    Youthful Vice President Hon Chilima and President Mutharika    One of the recurring issues on Malawi’s political scene, at least from 2014 is the issue of youth leadership. Youthful Atupele Muluzi contested on this agenda in 2014 elections and finished a distant fourth in an election won by the oldest candidate on the ballot, Peter


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