• la presse est elle à la solde du pouvoir en place ?0

    Il est toujours passionnant de suivre le comportement de la presse en période électorale. Elle a toujours un rôle décisif dans le processus dans beaucoup de pays. Le Sénégal n’est pas en reste la presse à jouer un rôle primordial lors de la première alternance démocratique au Sénégal en 2000. Depuis lors, qu’en est il

  • Cameroon: should we be worried about post-electoral violence?

    Cameroon: should we be worried about post-electoral violence?0

    After a relatively quiet election day, with the exception of some disruptions in the country’s English-speaking regions, the post-electoral period seems to be one of uncertainty. Cameroon will potentially be facing a new political crisis, this time following the presidential election that took place October 7th. The day after the ballots were counted, one of

  • Who Can Challenge Macky Sall?

    Who Can Challenge Macky Sall?0

    In 2012, civil society opposition parties’ demonstrations enabled Macky Sall to be elected President of the Republic. The leader of Coalition Macky 2012 had won 26.19% of the vote in the first round, followed respectively by: Moustapha Niasse 13.20% Ousmane Tanor Dieng 11.30% Idrissa Seck 7.86% Cheikh Bamba Dieye 1.93% Ibrahima Fall 1.81% The combined backing

  • Goodbye Kabila

    Goodbye Kabila0

    This is something that the Congolese would never have imagined a month or two ago : President Kabila leaving SADC. President Kabila said goodbye to his SADC heads of state counterparts last weekend in Windhoek, Namibia. We breathed a sigh of relief in the Democratic Republic of Congo, he finally committed to leave after the

  • Are African Elections Only Free and Fair When The Opposition Wins?

    Are African Elections Only Free and Fair When The Opposition Wins?0

    This is a question I found myself asking after Zimbabwe’s opposition – MDC Alliance vowed to challenge the results of the July 30 elections in court after the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) declared that President Emmerson Mnagagwa was dully elected president after winning more that 50 percent of the votes cast. The opposition camp had


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