• Malawi and Zambia Get Maized

    Malawi and Zambia Get Maized0

    This article was co-authored by  Jimmy Kainja from Malawi  Governments of Malawi and Zambia have come under fire over an alleged maize export scam of 100, 000 metric tons involving about US $13 million dollars. When the allegations of the scam surfaced, Malawi President Peter Mutharika appointed a Commission of Inquiry to probe into the

  • Self-Financing to African Prosperity

    Self-Financing to African Prosperity0

    One of the biggest criticisms of the African Union (AU) has been that its funding is coming from outside of the continent. And because of that – the would be ‘Africa oriented’ programming is unable to be realized because when donors give money, they do have other agendas to fulfill. Typical of anyone that is

  • Ending child poverty is a moral necessity

    Ending child poverty is a moral necessity0

    Donning a tired T-shirt that has since lost its original colour and shape – Kutosi, a 5-year-old boy in Bunamwani village, Mbale district wears a sweet, innocent face. He is one of the 3.7 million children in Uganda below five years of age living in poverty. This is half of the under-five population in the

  • Innovation past mentality – Can we achieve that?

    Innovation past mentality – Can we achieve that?0

    Last night, I got home with an interesting Uber driver. After calling him about 5 times trying to direct him (yes, Ugandan Uber drivers and use of Google Maps are like oil and water. They just don’t connect), he found where I was. And guess what he had a passenger. This was a lady with

  • How America Became An African Country

    How America Became An African Country0

    This article was first published in the Washington Post  Trevor Noah, the South African comedian and host of The Daily Show, a popular late-night news satire and talk show in the US, once described Donald Trump as America’s first African President.  In fact, Americans could do worse than look to the continent in general, and


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