• Are Malawians Sleep-Walking into a Surveillance State?

    Are Malawians Sleep-Walking into a Surveillance State?0

    In the last three years Malawi government has passed a lot of legislation, among these is the National Registration and Identification System (Nris), which according to National Registration Bureau, is aimed at addressing the lack of universal and compulsory registration – the NRIS allows Malawians to have a national ID. According to United Nations Development

  • Mopani Copper Mines Allegedly Polluting The Environment

    Mopani Copper Mines Allegedly Polluting The Environment0

    Officials from Ministry of Mines inspecting the effluent It was a struggle to open the huge pipe. Two men had to help each other to release the effluent from this pipe. The tailings flow on the ground, through a foot path into a dam. This dam, which was built by Mopani Copper Mines, a subsidiary

  • High Cost of Internet vs. Fake Images

    High Cost of Internet vs. Fake Images0

    The days when people believed that pictures do not lie are long gone. We are now in the age of mass information manipulation, mass distribution and redistribution of information; new telecommunication technologies have made all this possible. Technology has significantly changed the way societies consume news and information. Unfortunately, misinformation has emerged as one of

  • Zambia Implements Ban On Plastic Carrier Bags

    Zambia Implements Ban On Plastic Carrier Bags0

    Several multi-national chain stores countrywide have started implementing government’s ban on the sale and distribution of carrier plastics bags to customers in Zambia. So far, Shoprite, Pick and Pay and Game Stores have started providing alternative plastics to their customers. Shoprite, which is one of the largest retailers in the country, has supplied recyclable plastic

  • Mnangagwa’s Deceptive Road to Armageddon

    Mnangagwa’s Deceptive Road to Armageddon0

    Zimbabwe’s quest for a new path under the auspices of the new dispensation and reengagement by Mnangagwa has vapoured into thin air faster than anyone could have imagined as the country is back again under the international spotlight. The November 2017 Euphoria has fast fizzled to Armageddonian despair. Mnangagwa’s reckless and divisive utterances during the


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