• German Minister for Africa’s Selective and Neo-Colonial Amnesia0

    The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)  recently had an online news feature titled, ‘Can Voluntary Colonialism Stop Migration to Europe?’.  While the title itself is more a suggestion than a question what was shocking in the article were comments attributed to Germany’s Minister of state for Africa, Gunter Nooke. He is reported to have said the following,

  • Resolving the Cyclic Cashew Crisis in Tanzania

    Resolving the Cyclic Cashew Crisis in Tanzania0

    Tanzania has just witnessed a tale of the sacking of two Charles’. One, the Minister who was responsible for agriculture and, another, for industries. What has been dubbed ‘koroshow’ is behind this, not least because the cashew board has also been dissolved alongside other related reshuffles. Korosho is a Swahili word for cashew. For politicians from the opposition camp,

  • Magufuli’s Three Years in Office: Confusion as a Strategy?

    Magufuli’s Three Years in Office: Confusion as a Strategy?0

    If you can’t convince ’em, confuse ’em: if you can’t confuse ’em, scare ’em- Unknown Author If you want to sum up President John Magufuli’s three years in office, then something that happened last week can give you a picture. The controversial Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner, Paul Makonda, announced war on the LGBT community a week

  • Africa: Out of Many, One People

    Africa: Out of Many, One People0

    Traveling across Africa can be very hectic, logistics of travel visas aside; transit hours can be cumbersome and at times outright ridiculous. For some of us the consolation is that travelling across Africa is more often than not an enriching experience. As you travel across Africa you soon realise that out of the continent’s huge

  • Happy Independence Day, Uganda

    Happy Independence Day, Uganda0

    I had a conversation with my Dad earlier today . He was ironing his red T-shirt when he remarked – this used to be a day when we all wore red because of UPC (Uganda People’s Congress), a political party known to exist from the 1960’s ME: But Kabaka Mutesa was given charge on Independence


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