• Zambia Implements Ban On Plastic Carrier Bags

    Zambia Implements Ban On Plastic Carrier Bags0

    Several multi-national chain stores countrywide have started implementing government’s ban on the sale and distribution of carrier plastics bags to customers in Zambia. So far, Shoprite, Pick and Pay and Game Stores have started providing alternative plastics to their customers. Shoprite, which is one of the largest retailers in the country, has supplied recyclable plastic

  • Mnangagwa’s Deceptive Road to Armageddon

    Mnangagwa’s Deceptive Road to Armageddon0

    Zimbabwe’s quest for a new path under the auspices of the new dispensation and reengagement by Mnangagwa has vapoured into thin air faster than anyone could have imagined as the country is back again under the international spotlight. The November 2017 Euphoria has fast fizzled to Armageddonian despair. Mnangagwa’s reckless and divisive utterances during the

  • Zims’ 2018: A Year in Which Anger was Never Going to be Enough0

    At some point almost every adult Zimbabwean could easily be defined as being angry in the year 2018.  And all for different reasons. A majority of us were apoplectic about the state of the national political economy as accompanied by the promises of Mnangagwa’s ‘new dispensation’.  Not that expectations were that high.  It was more

  • Role of Young People in Africa Today

    Role of Young People in Africa Today0

    You know that moment when someone says something that you have been thinking but been unable to either put it into the right words or even just say because you don’t think it was ‘a thing’. Sorry if I am rumbling : but this is what happened to me whilst listening to Mr John Githongo

  • How we fight  the 65% commercial transaction  IFFS

    How we fight the 65% commercial transaction IFFS0

    A lot of noise has been made about Illicit Financial Flows (IFFs) in Africa since the highly celebrated report by the Thabo Mbeki High Level Panel came out. The report in short lists how much money is lost by Africa to Multi National Companies in Africa and Aid Agencies through Commercial transactions, organised crime and


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