• Manufactured order: Lessons for South Africa from Rwanda

    Manufactured order: Lessons for South Africa from Rwanda0

    The excessive, indiscriminate force; arbitrary arrests and detentions that are currently taking place in our higher education institutions and surrounding areas, have put a spotlight on securitisation and militarisation. But neither is new, South Africa has for some time consistently been steadily securitising and militarising in various ways. Think of the way private security has

  • Zanu Pf’s Complex Dominance Without Persuasion

    Zanu Pf’s Complex Dominance Without Persuasion0

    A comrade in the academic world recently sent me a copy of a New Left Review article entitled ‘The Heirs of Gramsci’. Largely focusing on intellectuals who furthered the Italian philosopher’s thoughts and views on hegemony, the article brought Zimbabwe into vogue particularly through its examination of the ‘dominance without hegemony’ concept as introduced by

  • What Would Mwalimu Nyerere Do?

    What Would Mwalimu Nyerere Do?0

    “No nation has the right to make decisions for another nation; no people for another people” – Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere What would Mwalimu Nyerere do? Barely a fortnight after commemorating Nyerere Day, the government of Tanzania is about to host the King of Morocco. This is a glaring foreign policy shift from a country


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