• Cameroon, the Way Forward: Unity in Diversity   

    Cameroon, the Way Forward: Unity in Diversity  1

    November 21st 2016, the population of Bamenda gather to protest. The citizens of the formerly Southern British Cameroon take to the streets of the most populated city of North West part of Cameroon. Bamenda is home to over 700,000 inhabitants. They march in support of the Northwest Region Lawyers’ Assembly and the Cameroon Teachers’ Trade Union.


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Dear @dailynation , If you're going to talk about a "second vote", shouldn't you report what happened in the first one? To suggest that all that happened after Soipan Tuya took over was just MPs chanting “zero” and walking out is completely disingenuous. nation.co.ke/news/Uh… pic.twitter.com/GCPG…