• Role of Young People in Africa Today

    Role of Young People in Africa Today0

    You know that moment when someone says something that you have been thinking but been unable to either put it into the right words or even just say because you don’t think it was ‘a thing’. Sorry if I am rumbling : but this is what happened to me whilst listening to Mr John Githongo

  • Electronic communications law: threat or framework for free speech?0

    Censorship at heart On Wednesday, November 28, 2018, Senegal’s National Assembly voted, during open session, to pass an electronic telecommunications law. The law was passed by the Assembly’s deputies, despite numerous denunciations by associations representing civil society. Sixteen of them held a joint press conference in order to warn the public about the dangers of

  • Paul Biya: elected by the Constitutional Council

    Paul Biya: elected by the Constitutional Council0

    The presidential election that took place on October 7th in Cameroon was strange. Not only did the Cameroonian population take a particular interest in the question of how votes would be counted in the periods preceding and during the campaign but, against all expectations, its interest in the vote count continued to grow, particularly during

  • How we fight  the 65% commercial transaction  IFFS

    How we fight the 65% commercial transaction IFFS0

    A lot of noise has been made about Illicit Financial Flows (IFFs) in Africa since the highly celebrated report by the Thabo Mbeki High Level Panel came out. The report in short lists how much money is lost by Africa to Multi National Companies in Africa and Aid Agencies through Commercial transactions, organised crime and

  • German Minister for Africa’s Selective and Neo-Colonial Amnesia0

    The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)  recently had an online news feature titled, ‘Can Voluntary Colonialism Stop Migration to Europe?’.  While the title itself is more a suggestion than a question what was shocking in the article were comments attributed to Germany’s Minister of state for Africa, Gunter Nooke. He is reported to have said the following,


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