• Zimbabwe’s Next Five Years0

    Political perspectives in Zimbabwe, at least after the recent 2018 general election, have tended to have a sense of immediacy and urgency.  Spurred on by the fundamentally zero-sum power games that our national elections are or their highly polarized nature, we tend to not look beyond our noses as to what it all means.  And

  • Mnangagwa’s ‘2nd Republic’ and the Pursuance of Neoliberal Economics0

    The confirmation of Emmerson Mnangagwa by Zimbabwe’s highest court as president sealed the dispute on Zimbabwe’s future leader to carry the hopes of a nation yearning for a new trajectory. The disputed election resulted in the MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa filing a constitutional court application challenging the credibility of the election results.  The case

  • Zambia’s Treatment of Foreign Opposition Leaders Raise Eyebrows0

    Recently Zambia deported a leading Zimbabwean opposition figure, Mr Tendai Biti  while attempting to enter the country to seek political asylum. The opposition figure was handed back to Zimbabwean authorities despite having successfully obtained a court order restraining Zambian authorities from doing so. The decision to hand over a man who claimed that his life

  • The Bulawayo Rally Explosion: Reflecting, Remaining True to a National Democratic Course

    The Bulawayo Rally Explosion: Reflecting, Remaining True to a National Democratic Course0

    The tragic bomb blast in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe  on the weekend of 23 July 2018 at a Zanu Pf rally made one pause for deep reflection on the state of our national (Zimbabwean) politics.  While expressing deep shock and sadness at the lives that were lost and those that were injured by the terrible incident, we can

  • Re-Living the Chibondo Genocide

    Re-Living the Chibondo Genocide0

    On my recent visit to Zimbabwe, I took time to attend an exhibition of the Chibondo Genocide at the National Heroes Acre in Harare where liberation heroes are buried. The exhibition was put together by the National Museums and Monuments of Zimbabwe. It’s a story of how in April 2011 Zimbabweans wake up to a


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