• Media for Profit vs Its Democratic Value in Zimbabwe0

    Three things occurred in Zimbabwe’s mainstream media environment that are directly related but will help us understand the sector much better.  From how it views and values itself, its own understanding of how the public should receive/respect it and how those that own the media view their roles vis-à-vis their profit motive. The first occurrence

  • Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation’s Problem is Editorial not Advertorial

    Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation’s Problem is Editorial not Advertorial0

    The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) recently issued a statement on its coverage of political parties during the current campaign period of Zimbabwe’s 2018 harmonised election.  This was after opposition political parties decried the high costs that the state broadcaster is charging for campaign adverts on its single television station and multiple radio stations. As is


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What are "dust-raising purposes"? I support her because citizens should be treated like human beings and not like the state's chattel. And also because I'd rather not be treated that way either. What's "dust-raising" about that? The problem is the cops and GoK, not the people. twitter.com/OmbetaC/…