• Resolving the Cyclic Cashew Crisis in Tanzania

    Resolving the Cyclic Cashew Crisis in Tanzania0

    Tanzania has just witnessed a tale of the sacking of two Charles’. One, the Minister who was responsible for agriculture and, another, for industries. What has been dubbed ‘koroshow’ is behind this, not least because the cashew board has also been dissolved alongside other related reshuffles. Korosho is a Swahili word for cashew. For politicians from the opposition camp,

  • Having Friends in Power

    Having Friends in Power0

    Why aren’t you writing about it, a former colleague asked. She/He was referring to my practice of analyzing political appointments in Tanzania. In this case, it was in reference to her/his appointment. Her/His appointment, like those of a couple of my other colleagues,  has left me contemplating about what does it mean to have friends in echelons of

  • Peaceful Tanzania: Back to the Future?

    Peaceful Tanzania: Back to the Future?0

    “In this great future, you can’t forget your past” – Bob Marley We are told historians cannot predict the future. They can only review the past. And they do so to illuminate the present. So, here I am reading those who can unpack the present and peek at the future of my beloved country. ‘Tanzania: Everyone is scared’ reads

  • Beyond Advocating for Change

    Beyond Advocating for Change0

    “Decades ago, as President of my country, I told Tanzanians that the choice before them was to change or be changed. I was wrong. There was no choice. They had to change, and would still BE changed” – Mwalimu Julius Nyerere Change is the only constant. A change is gonna come. The times they are a-changin’. These

  • Can Being Bayesian Save Tanzanians From Internal Inconsistency?

    Can Being Bayesian Save Tanzanians From Internal Inconsistency?0

    I read with great interest Constantine Manda’s (@msisiri) response to my blog post on the recent results from the Pew Surveys. Thanks to the ABCs of Bayesian Analysis that I picked up from Casper Troskie at the University of Cape Town (UCT), I managed to follow the argument and model. And I agree that we need to be Bayesian. What


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