• Recapturing the State and Mineral Rights in Tanzania

    Recapturing the State and Mineral Rights in Tanzania0

    “[I]f they say that there is a lot of gold here…the obvious thing is that Tanganyika will be rich and there will be no more loans…” – Ali Saidi Mtaki, Parliamentary Hansard: 7 June 1962 President John Magufuli has recaptured the attention of the international media. “Shares in London-listed Acacia Mining”, Reuters observes, “were set


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Dear Kenyans, Remember how @wmnjoya keeps warning us that ours is a colony that prioritizes "investors" above citizens? Here's an example. Notice how GoK, in the person of PS Muraguri, is more concerned about how it looks to the former rather than to us. nation.co.ke/kenya/n… pic.twitter.com/sFvF…