• Let MISA Malawi be, Malawi needs the media council

    Let MISA Malawi be, Malawi needs the media council0

      There have been muted discussions and calls within media circles, notably by the Media Institute for Southern Africa (Misa Malawi) membership, that Misa Malawi should takeover duties of the Media Council of Malawi (MCM), which has not been functioning for a number of years now. It is good that there is a discussion on

  • Innocent Victim? Not Exactly

    Innocent Victim? Not Exactly0

    The last few weeks have been rather trying for Kenyan media. The government’s criminal overreaction to the mock swearing in of Raila Odinga did not end with the shut down of the three leading television stations for over a week. Even after they were allowed back on air, the Uhuru Kenyatta administration has continued to

  • Malawi and the Internet, It’s Getting Worse0

    Freedom House’s Freedom on the Net, 2017 report shows that 2017 was, as Wire.com puts it, “terrible year for Internet freedom”. The report shows that almost half of the 65 countries assessed in 2017 experienced a decline in Internet freedoms during the assessment period. Less than one-quarter of users reside in countries where there are


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This is what police harassment looks like. Invent a ridiculous charge then ask to hold suspects for an entire month as they "complete investigations". As I have said many times, our courts' eagerness to keep in jail people who should be presumed innocent endangers us all. twitter.com/NationCo…