• A Pride Month Message From Uganda

    A Pride Month Message From Uganda0

    Uganda is a beautiful country known for many good things, but not its treatment of the LGBTI+ community. Like many African countries, Uganda’s policies were inherited by colonialists and religious leaders. These influences have led to the LGBTI+ community being considered illegal and unacceptable. On 14 October 2009 Anti-Homosexuality Bill, 2009 was introduced in the Ugandan parliament,

  • Pressure Mounts on Zambian Govt to Re-Draft Mental Health Bill

    Pressure Mounts on Zambian Govt to Re-Draft Mental Health Bill0

    The international community has stood in solidarity with human rights activists in Zambia who are opposed to the enactment of a new mental health legislation for failure to comply with human rights standards. The Zambian government seems to have left out crucial submissions made by stakeholders during the consultation process and produced a draft which has not

  • How necessary is the death penalty?

    How necessary is the death penalty?0

    Death penalty has over the years become a contentious issue for Africa and the world over. There has been an established pattern in which the use of the death penalty is linked to poverty.  Poor and desperate people are mostly the ones liable to death penalty by the courts. The death penalty has become a

  • Culture /Religion Vs Human Rights

    Culture /Religion Vs Human Rights0

    On 21 November 2017 proprietors and editors of Red Pepper, a tabloid newspaper in Uganda were arrested.  Those arrested include Arinaitwe Rugyendo, James Mujuni, Richard Tusiime, and Johnson Byabaraha who are also known to have a huge share in the business, the media institution.  A Police spokesperson in a briefing after the arrests said the

  • Uganda: Charades, sound bites will not end practice of torture in detention

    Uganda: Charades, sound bites will not end practice of torture in detention0

    Gory images from Uganda’s torture chambers have gripped the nation. Many are still struggling to fathom why cold-blooded torturers would descend on human beings and unleash such untold horror on them. In response, President Museveni penned a tepid open missive advising police and other law enforcement agencies to cease the use of torture. He accurately


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