• Mnangagwa’s Deceptive Road to Armageddon

    Mnangagwa’s Deceptive Road to Armageddon0

    Zimbabwe’s quest for a new path under the auspices of the new dispensation and reengagement by Mnangagwa has vapoured into thin air faster than anyone could have imagined as the country is back again under the international spotlight. The November 2017 Euphoria has fast fizzled to Armageddonian despair. Mnangagwa’s reckless and divisive utterances during the

  • Rain and Zimbabwe’s 2018 Harmonised Elections

    Rain and Zimbabwe’s 2018 Harmonised Elections0

    Zimbabwe’s rainy seasons always signify anxious moments for its ruling establishment(s).  This is because when the heavens open up (generously), it is considered, across many of the country’s sub-cultures, that the ancestors and Mwari, Unkulunkulu (God) has blessed the land and its people.  Not because of expected regular geographical (scientific patterns) as to the regularity


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