• Zimbabwe Bond Note Panic, Class and Other Considerations

    Zimbabwe Bond Note Panic, Class and Other Considerations0

    We are all default economists in Zimbabwe now. Or at least some sort of experts in asset management and financial services. Mainly because of the collective national panic over the introduction of bond notes at the end of this month. It all begins with those that have savings of one form or the other. Whether

  • Whose Revolution is it anyway?

    Whose Revolution is it anyway?0

    “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose” Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr I wonder if Jean Baptiste knew that these words would later shape themselves into a phrase that would be echoed across the world and be widely relevant almost 200 years later. Although perhaps, the phrase itself would show that it was here to stay,

  • What Is The Value Of A Kenyan Life?

    What Is The Value Of A Kenyan Life?0

    Mythology has it that human life is priceless – this sentiment has been reinforced as long as I can remember and is taken as a basic human truth. It is echoed in the Bible when King Solomon had to determine the mother of a child and did so by ordering that the child be split


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So Raila is entitled to his hypocrisy because he's spent decades fighting for Kenyans without "just rewards"? If I point out his flip-flops (which none have refuted) it is now "obsession"? This idea that the records of certain politicians are above scrutiny is strange to me. twitter.com/davidmak…