• East Africa: Bar Associations At Crossroads

    East Africa: Bar Associations At Crossroads0

    One of the cardinal objectives of national bar associations is to protect and assist the public in all matters touching, ancillary or incidental to the law. The associations also seek to maintain and improve the standards of conduct of the legal profession. Sadly, in many countries across the continent, the associations are failing to achieve

  • What if Olduvai Gorge is in Kenya?

    What if Olduvai Gorge is in Kenya?0

    “And let’s not forget, Kenyans & Tanzanians, that both Tanzania and Kenya are in Africa” – Issa Shivji The Internet has provided humanity with a social space that was unimaginable not very long ago. Information travels faster like never before, an incident in the streets of Lilongwe is a click away for someone in Shanghai


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