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The African continent is rich with stories and opinions, yet traditional media only reflects a few voices and views. As more and better internet connectivity becomes available, new brokers for information and opinion arise. This webpage is dedicated to them.

The international blogger network #AfricaBlogging is an online platform featuring a plurality of voices and views supporting democratic culture and debate in Sub-Saharan Africa. Founded in 2015 in Johannesburg, its members believe that blogs play a major role in providing information and diversity of opinion in Africa and they are committed to encouraging open debate on matters not adequately covered by traditional media.

By creating more visibility for the bloggers and providing a space for interacting with each other and the public, #AfricaBlogging adds to the debate around politics, economics, gender equality, health and social matters in Sub-Saharan Africa.

18 bloggers from Eastern and Southern Africa have joined our network so far, and we are working on extending the network until it truly covers the whole of Sub-Saharan Africa. To meet the members in the network and read their articles, follow this link to the #AfricaBlogging homepage.

The website will go live on December 9 at 10:30 CAT.

Support for #AfricaBlogging comes from KAS Media Africa, a German non-profit organization promoting free and independent
media on the continent.