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  • ‘Capital’ and Inequality in Zimbabwe

    ‘Capital’ and Inequality in Zimbabwe0

    Photo Credit: BBC A friend who lives and works in the Diaspora recently gave me a copy of the highly regarded French economist Thomas Piketty’s bestselling book ‘Capital in the Twenty-First Century’.   Because of Zimbabwe’s Marxist/Leninist ideological history, the term ‘capital’ consistently rings a socialist bell in the consciousness of a greater number of political

  • Put People First : A Case for Investing in Early Childhood Development

    Put People First : A Case for Investing in Early Childhood Development0

    Photo Credit: UNICEF Uganda On the afternoon of September 15, 2016, I attended the launch of the National Integrated Early Childhood Development Policy for Uganda. The policy had been published in March 2016 by the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development in close consultation with stakeholders, notably, UNICEF Uganda. This was not by any means

  • Dealing with “Unintentional Racism”

    Dealing with “Unintentional Racism”0

    Eusebius McKaiser invited me onto his radio show to talk about intentions and their role in assigning praise and blame, or more broadly, in determining the moral status of speech and action. You can listen to the podcast of the conversation, and/or read further if you’re interested in a fuller description of my views on

  • The complexities of Social Media in Zimbabwe

    The complexities of Social Media in Zimbabwe0

    For the past two months, Zimbabwe has been dominating the regional and international news headlines following a “wave” of protests, mainly in the capital city Harare. Most significant are the events of July 6, which many commentators and some sections of the media are attributing the successes to mobilisation through #hashtags on social media. However,

  • African Youths Call For Non-Discrimination Of Homosexuals

    African Youths Call For Non-Discrimination Of Homosexuals0

    Youths from Southern Africa have called for the respect of minorities in society such as homosexuals, saying they deserve respect because they are also human beings. According to recommendations made at the just ended two day African Union Regional Youth Consultation on Human Rights with focus on Youths and Women, the youths called for the


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