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  • Meryl Streep gets sucked into Twitter’s echo chamber

    Meryl Streep gets sucked into Twitter’s echo chamber0

    You’ve no doubt heard of Meryl Streep’s response when asked what her views were on the all-white judging panel at the Berlin Film Festival. She was reported to have said “we’re all Africans, really”. The quote was first reported by Associated Press on February 11, but then became the pretext of a number of think-pieces

  • Caregiving for Ghosts

    Caregiving for Ghosts0

    My memory is again in the way of your history. Agha Shahid Ali, Farewell. I’ve been wondering about the role of apathy. We read about it and talk about it often. Even as we try and figure out how to best present a story we ask ourselves “why should I care?” This question has been

  • Why Kenyans are keenly following the Uganda elections

    Why Kenyans are keenly following the Uganda elections0

    On Thursday Uganda will go to the polls to decide whether incumbent president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, who has been in power for three decades, gets another five-year term or hands over power to the opposition. No doubt that this is a defining moment for Uganda whichever way ‘the dice rolls.’ These elections are however not just

  • Uganda: Marking 30 years of liberation with threats

    Uganda: Marking 30 years of liberation with threats0

    Uganda’s most controversial election was held on December 10 and 11, 1980. While Dr. Apollo Milton Obote’s Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) was declared winner, Dr. Paul K. Ssemogerere’s Democratic Party (DP) disputed the result, claiming victory. A third political party, Yoweri Museveni’s Uganda Patriotic Movement (UPM), decided to take the contest to the bush and started a guerrilla war in

  • What Would Populist Tanzanians Do?

    What Would Populist Tanzanians Do?0

    “I’m not a mad man or a dictator” – President Magufuli By now, after 100 days in office as the President of Tanzania, we can safely say we have an idea of ‘what would Magufuli do (next)?‘ The question, then, is do we know what would Tanzanians do? Or more precisely, what would the populist


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Dear Kenyans, A reminder of what your President vowed just a few months ago. Have Rotich and his co-accused either resigned or been removed?……