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  • Which Individuals Institutionalize Corruption?

    Which Individuals Institutionalize Corruption?0

    This week the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) assembled our best minds in dealing with corruption. Probably to cut the cost associated with paying for our venues, this #BBCAfricaDebate was held at the British Council in Dar es Salaam. Of course, dealing with the apparent “Africa’s biggest killer” can mean anything from conceptualizing to combating even among those who

  • How Kalusha Bwalya Lost Elections: A Lesson for Zambian Football

    How Kalusha Bwalya Lost Elections: A Lesson for Zambian Football0

    It took over an hour for the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) President-Elect, Andrew Kamanga to move from the audience at Moba Hotel to the front of the conference room, a short distance of about 60 meters. Overjoyed councilors who had fought for eight years to unseat the 1988 African Footballer of Year, Kalusha Bwalya

  • Zimbabwe’s successive drought …no lessons learnt?

    Zimbabwe’s successive drought …no lessons learnt?0

    In January this year Zimbabwe’s president, Robert Mugabe declared a state of disaster especially in the rural areas mainly caused by drought which already has killed herds of livestock with people facing food shortages. Despite declaring the drought a state of disaster, Mugabe seems not to care much, he even hosted his lavish 92nd birthday

  • What if Olduvai Gorge is in Kenya?

    What if Olduvai Gorge is in Kenya?0

    “And let’s not forget, Kenyans & Tanzanians, that both Tanzania and Kenya are in Africa” – Issa Shivji The Internet has provided humanity with a social space that was unimaginable not very long ago. Information travels faster like never before, an incident in the streets of Lilongwe is a click away for someone in Shanghai

  • South African news media: hopefully not dead, just resting

    South African news media: hopefully not dead, just resting0

    Fridays are the day when – if I happen to walk into a store that sells newspapers – I’ll often cast a wistful gaze at the stack of Mail & Guardian (M&G) papers delivered that morning, noting that my primary impulse would sooner be to straighten the stack rather than to buy a copy. This


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If I get this right, two of the country's top academics think what the DP said is "exciting" and "brilliant" regardless of whether it is true, no? Ama what am I missing?…