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  • How will Kenyans remember Bob Collymore?

    How will Kenyans remember Bob Collymore?0

    The CEO of Kenya’s most profitable company Bob Collymore is no more. A statement from Safaricom, Kenya’s leading telecommunications services provider, said that Collymore died in the morning of July 1st at his Nairobi home. He had been battling Acute Myeloid Leukemia, and in late  2017, had taken  time off from the company to seek

  • A Pride Month Message From Uganda

    A Pride Month Message From Uganda0

    Uganda is a beautiful country known for many good things, but not its treatment of the LGBTI+ community. Like many African countries, Uganda’s policies were inherited by colonialists and religious leaders. These influences have led to the LGBTI+ community being considered illegal and unacceptable. On 14 October 2009 Anti-Homosexuality Bill, 2009 was introduced in the Ugandan parliament,

  • South African Artist, Somizi Denied Entry Into Zambia Over Homosexuality0

    Zambia has refused South African artist and socialite, Somizi Mhlongo entery into the country over his sexuality. Minister ofReligious Affairs and National Values, who is also a Reverend, Godfridah Sumaili says Somizi is not welcome in the country because he is openly gay. The minister says Zambia will not welcome people with “questionable” characters. “Every

  • The United States Dollar as a Deity in Zimbabwe

    The United States Dollar as a Deity in Zimbabwe0

    The Zimbabwean government recently did the unfathomable, at least according to social media pundits, some civil society organisations, unions and influential urbanites.  It arbitrarily and abruptly re-introduced a local currency for all domestic financial transactions.  At least at law. As expected there was an immediate outburst of anger on social media, in press conferences, statements

  • Uncomfortable Conversation that Kenya Must Have With Tanzania and China

    Uncomfortable Conversation that Kenya Must Have With Tanzania and China0

    On Thursday morning, a Kenyan member of parliament (MP) from the ruling Jubilee Party was due for arraignment in court to face charges of incitement. Charles Njagua Kanyi (aka Jaguar), who represents one of the constituencies in the Capital; Nairobi had on Tuesday claimed that Kenyan businesses were being taken over by the Chinese, Ugandans,


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Shawn Mubiru

It is not by accident that they all end up coming from the same place within our country, it is a design that we need to undo. The fact is it is done, but the truth is; the entire country doesn’t liked it. The country is tired and annoyed at the same time. It is not too late.