• Ritual Killers Target Albinos’ Body Parts in Zambia

    Ritual Killers Target Albinos’ Body Parts in Zambia0

    Parents of children born with albinism across Zambia are having to employ extra security for their children following a number of cases in which people with albinism  are being killed or brutally attacked by suspected ritual killers. Fortune seekers believe that using albino body parts can make one rich. This myth has led to many

  • Widowhood, a prison for African women

    Widowhood, a prison for African women0

    In my area, our neighbour’s husband died. African traditions require that one should assist one’s neighbour in times of happiness, as well as in times of misfortune, so I went to express my sympathy and say “Yako”.[1] The atmosphere was heavy in Madame Kouassi’s courtyard. Turning forty, this poor lady had just lost her husband.


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To ask what KDF was doing in the mall for four days in Sept 2013 is to "divert our resolve to remain United (sic) against [terrorism]"? And we need handouts to demand answers from the government we pay taxes to? Sounds like #Dumbassery to me. twitter.com/Moha_Abd…