• The varied facets of marriage in Uganda

    The varied facets of marriage in Uganda0

    Getting married in Uganda is becoming a trick. It has of late become very expensive. Couples these days are going all out and all in, to have very lavish weddings. $5000 decor and $1000 suits for the groom plus off course a $3000 wedding gown and that’s just for the first attire. The bridal entourage

  • The Michael Sata I Knew: From A Reporter’s Perspective

    The Michael Sata I Knew: From A Reporter’s Perspective0

    I first came to learn of Michael Sata from his several mentions on ZNBC radio when i was growing up in Nangoma area of Mumbwa District in central Zambia during the 1990s. During those typical Mumbwa-Mumbwa days, radio was more prominent in the villages as it was the most affordable source of news because newspapers, the

  • Political Economy of the Media and the Question of Press Freedom in Kenya

    Political Economy of the Media and the Question of Press Freedom in Kenya0

    The Kenyan media is one of the most free from government control in the African continent, despite there being several attempts to renege on that advancement. However, freedom from direct government control does not necessarily mean that the media is going to be entirely independent. The Kenyan media landscape is still heavily influenced by interests

  • Media for Profit vs Its Democratic Value in Zimbabwe0

    Three things occurred in Zimbabwe’s mainstream media environment that are directly related but will help us understand the sector much better.  From how it views and values itself, its own understanding of how the public should receive/respect it and how those that own the media view their roles vis-à-vis their profit motive. The first occurrence

  • Africa: Out of Many, One People

    Africa: Out of Many, One People0

    Traveling across Africa can be very hectic, logistics of travel visas aside; transit hours can be cumbersome and at times outright ridiculous. For some of us the consolation is that travelling across Africa is more often than not an enriching experience. As you travel across Africa you soon realise that out of the continent’s huge


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