• African Leaders Could use ‘Fake News’ to Control Internet Access

    African Leaders Could use ‘Fake News’ to Control Internet Access1

    Social media and technology companies have emerged as major culprit of the 2016 American elections for allowing publication and promotion of ‘fake news’. For sometime journalists and media researchers have warned and argued against the increasingly influential role that technology companies are playing in determining journalistic decision within the mainstream media. Emily Bell, a journalist

  • (No) Nationalism and Money in Zimbabwe

    (No) Nationalism and Money in Zimbabwe0

    The introduction of bond notes in Zimbabwe has not been as apocalyptic as predicted by critics. Nor has it been as positive as anticipated by those that support their introduction. And in both cases, the politics of the bond notes has been muted. Despite some demonstrations planned and threats of arrest and detention of those

  • How America Became An African Country

    How America Became An African Country0

    This article was first published in the Washington Post  Trevor Noah, the South African comedian and host of The Daily Show, a popular late-night news satire and talk show in the US, once described Donald Trump as America’s first African President.  In fact, Americans could do worse than look to the continent in general, and


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