• Systems vs Political Persons – Critique the Former More

    Systems vs Political Persons – Critique the Former More0

    Last year Nigeria went to the polls and it was labelled – a revolution. This is because the man that won the elections was not the incumbent but also one that had hinged his campaign on delivering democracy and that in so many ways gave hope to Nigerians. So they turned up in large numbers

  • Free Speech Versus Fake News

    Free Speech Versus Fake News0

    Let’s assume that we – as a species – are not as smart as some of us think we are. I think that this is true (even if sometimes overstated), and that realising that it’s true allows us to accept that sometimes, we don’t know what’s best for us. Recognising that we are irrational choosers

  • Zimbabwean Music and its Influence on Society

    Zimbabwean Music and its Influence on Society1

    Zimbabwean music has continued playing an important part in the country’s cultural history, shaping social discourse in the everyday lives of people. Over the years musical compositions of different genres have been churned providing entertainment, provoking debate, educating society and providing social commentary in our communities and country at large. Music has acted as a

  • Support  for innovation needs a will and a heart to feel the need

    Support for innovation needs a will and a heart to feel the need0

    At the just concluded ICT Innovators Forum organised by the Uganda Communications Commission in Bugolobi, Kampala the minister for ICT and information Frank Tumwebaze said;  Someone talked about mentorship and subsidised internet but where do I find you to mentor you or to subsidise internet? That means there must be a common centre or we

  • ‘Capital’ and Inequality in Zimbabwe

    ‘Capital’ and Inequality in Zimbabwe0

    Photo Credit: BBC A friend who lives and works in the Diaspora recently gave me a copy of the highly regarded French economist Thomas Piketty’s bestselling book ‘Capital in the Twenty-First Century’.   Because of Zimbabwe’s Marxist/Leninist ideological history, the term ‘capital’ consistently rings a socialist bell in the consciousness of a greater number of political


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