• Zuma – manifestly unfit for purpose

    Zuma – manifestly unfit for purpose0

    Moral debates are not settled in courts. The law can be profoundly immoral, if it is written and practiced by those who want to defend immorality, or those who are not aware of what their moral responsibilities are. For one, it can defend things that are immoral (for example, by prohibiting gay marriage), and second,

  • Humanity before religion

    Humanity before religion0

    Originally published in the Mail&Guradian  Religion matters as much today as it ever did. It matters to a slowly but steadily increasing proportion of the world’s population, even though it is in decline in Japan, the United States, Vietnam, Germany, France and the United Kingdom. Everywhere else, religious adherence is increasing, with Pew Research data

  • Has Uganda Police lost its grip on maintaining law and order?

    Has Uganda Police lost its grip on maintaining law and order?0

    The Constitution of the Republic of Uganda enacted in 1995 mandates the Uganda Police Force to protect life and property as well as preserve law and order among other functions. Article 221 of the Constitution further directs the Uganda Police Force and any other police force to observe and respect human rights and freedoms in

  • Africa and the Panama Papers: Waiting on Popular Disapproval

    Africa and the Panama Papers: Waiting on Popular Disapproval0

    In Africa, the Panama Papers and their revelations will most likely not reach a particular popular crescendo. In part, like the global and phenomenal Wikileaks revelations, they will lead to astounding local/continental media revelations. African journalists, like their counterparts on other continents will try their level best to sift through the monumental and cumbersome documents

  • Zambia’s Human Rights Record Under the Spotlight

    Zambia’s Human Rights Record Under the Spotlight0

    Zambia’s human rights record and standing continues to come under scrutiny on the backdrop of reports of escalating violations of some fundamental freedoms by the state. Last week the US Department of State released the 2015 U.S Country Report on Human Rights Practices in Zambia. U.S Secretary of State John Kerry said the U.S government

  • Ritual Killers Terrorise Lusaka, Killing And Removing Body Parts

    Ritual Killers Terrorise Lusaka, Killing And Removing Body Parts0

    Tired of discovering mutilated dead bodies, some Lusaka residents recently protested over what they term as lack of protection from the Zambia Police Service (ZPS) following the suspected ritual killings which have claimed six lives in the past four weeks. Residents of Chunga township took to the streets chanting anti-Police slogans and calling for the

  • Porn Bogeyman: Uganda’s Creeping Internet Censorship

    Porn Bogeyman: Uganda’s Creeping Internet Censorship0

    Many proposals and figures are scandalous, to say the least. How else do you describe an example of a government policy to spend close to a cool million dollars on porn-detection software in a country that has only one 21-year-old ‘scrap’ for a radiotherapy machine in the name of protecting the ‘dignity’ of Ugandans? We

  • Popular Zambian Bus Operator Faces Ban Over Deaths, Injuries

    Popular Zambian Bus Operator Faces Ban Over Deaths, Injuries0

    Mazhandu Family Bus Services, a popular coach service in Zambia, faces a ban over a spate of road accidents that have claimed lives and injured dozens of people over the last 12 months. The company, which is owned by the wealthy Mazhandu family, runs coaches to several towns across Zambia. Mazhandu coaches prides itself with time

  • Social Media is Alright

    Social Media is Alright0

    The question of whether social media should be regulated is steadily getting traction on the continent as well as here in Malawi. The issue gained even more attention in recent weeks following the arrest of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) members who were subsequently charged with treason over a WhatsApp group conversation. What is fundamental here is a move

  • How Africa Tweets – a look at East Africa

    How Africa Tweets – a look at East Africa0

    In the just concluded Ugandan elections– there was so much online activity, especially on Twitter. Hashtags were used by the top 3 presidential candidates daily to put across their message to the online publics. Just before December 2015, I remember that over 1500 tweets were sent out with the hashtag #UgandaDecides every two days. This momentum was sustained


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