• Re:repulica: A Beehive of Activity in the Midst of Rich History

    Re:repulica: A Beehive of Activity in the Midst of Rich History0

    My recent visit to Berlin, Germany attending re:publica TEN, was graced with equal measure of surprises and great impressions that for the most part met my expectations. The keynote speech at Stage One was memorable. The founders of the conference took us down memory lane and gave emotional speeches of how far they had come

  • Of Women, Nudity & Socio-cultural Issues

    Of Women, Nudity & Socio-cultural Issues0

    On Thursday morning at 4:30 a.m. I woke up to go join a group of lady/women feminists for a Power Walk. The walk started at Lugogo Parking Lot – through Upper Kololo terrace – Prince Charles Drive up Elizabeth Avenue down Hill Lane back to Prince Charles Drive, Ekobo Avenue onto York Terrace, back to

  • Democracy, my foot

    Democracy, my foot0

    Like many other Ugandans, whatever illusions I might have had about our being a “democracy” were quashed in February. But, every now and then I chance upon something that extols our democratic virtues. Government literature, especially. It’s rare to read a government report whose foreword or introduction does not include a reminder about how far

  • Has Uganda Police lost its grip on maintaining law and order?

    Has Uganda Police lost its grip on maintaining law and order?0

    The Constitution of the Republic of Uganda enacted in 1995 mandates the Uganda Police Force to protect life and property as well as preserve law and order among other functions. Article 221 of the Constitution further directs the Uganda Police Force and any other police force to observe and respect human rights and freedoms in

  • How Africa Tweets – a look at East Africa

    How Africa Tweets – a look at East Africa0

    In the just concluded Ugandan elections– there was so much online activity, especially on Twitter. Hashtags were used by the top 3 presidential candidates daily to put across their message to the online publics. Just before December 2015, I remember that over 1500 tweets were sent out with the hashtag #UgandaDecides every two days. This momentum was sustained


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.@Gen_wamala vows to fight off Museveni opponents According to the story, the area MPs wanted him to explain political instability. In any of his utterances, I see no explanation. But threats, the Gen's loyalty should be first to Uganda, not Mr. M7. monitor.co.ug/News/N…