• Uganda’s love for bananas endures

    Uganda’s love for bananas endures0

    The person who came up with the term banana republic must have had the future Uganda republic in mind. We love bananas so much that your typical Ugandan consumes more bananas than anyone else in any other country. Beyond most Ugandan’s love for bananas, we are still a political and economic banana republic in every

  • Zambia Referendum Fails As Less Than 50% Of Voters Show Up

    Zambia Referendum Fails As Less Than 50% Of Voters Show Up1

    Zambia has failed to pass several progressive human rights amendments to its constitution following the failure by voters to reach the 50% threshold needed to approve the amendments in a referendum. On 11th August 2016, Zambia went to the polls in a general election which was also tied to a referendum on the bill of

  • Kenya’s Greatest Gamble Yet

    Kenya’s Greatest Gamble Yet0

    Recently the Daily Nation bravely shone a spotlight on the gambling craze that is sweeping the nation. Sports betting has taken the country by storm. Since 2013 when the first online sports betting company, SportPesa, was registered, the Betting Control and Licensing Board has awarded similar licenses to nearly 30 other bookmakers. The industry today

  • How Will Zambians Remember Patriotic Front?

    How Will Zambians Remember Patriotic Front?0

    Should the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) succeed to lose tomorrow’s election, what memories will Zambians hold of a party many loved for its pro-poor ideologies and populist political strategy? In 2011 under the leadership of the late Michael Sata, in polls widely lauded as free and fair, the PF made history on the African continent

  • Grace Chiumia is a Victim of Malawi’s Defective Political System

    Grace Chiumia is a Victim of Malawi’s Defective Political System0

    Fredric Jameson, a contemporary American Marxist and literary critic opened his influence work on The Political Unconscious (1981) with that slogan: “always historicise.” Jameson’s view is that all works of literature are received by the reader with already read status – even new text, he argues, is read with a hangover of unconscious prejudice and


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