• Could ICC Hand Uhuru Kenyatta a Second Term Victory?

    Could ICC Hand Uhuru Kenyatta a Second Term Victory?0

    Antone Steynberg – A senior ICC lawyer has been quoted saying that the ICC might consider re-opening cases against President Kenyatta and his Deputy, William Ruto should the opposition take over government in August. While this might be good news to victims of the 2007 Post-Election Violence, it could also hand the current government a

  • Development Is About People Not Economies

    Development Is About People Not Economies0

    Last week I was invited to what was described as a “Global Think In” event, basically a series of conversations between academics on Columbia University’s New York campus and scholars and participants in nine Columbia Global Centers in cities around the world. The question we were asked to ponder was: What issue relating to the

  • Innovation past mentality – Can we achieve that?

    Innovation past mentality – Can we achieve that?0

    Last night, I got home with an interesting Uber driver. After calling him about 5 times trying to direct him (yes, Ugandan Uber drivers and use of Google Maps are like oil and water. They just don’t connect), he found where I was. And guess what he had a passenger. This was a lady with

  • Corruption is Literally Killing Kenyans

    Corruption is Literally Killing Kenyans1

    Kenya’s health sector is in urgent need of a cure. A doctors’ strike in public health facilities is today (Friday) on it’s fourth day with more than 20 lives which could have been saved now lost. Watching the evening news over the past four days has become a depressing affair. Images of guardians forced to

  • (No) Nationalism and Money in Zimbabwe

    (No) Nationalism and Money in Zimbabwe0

    The introduction of bond notes in Zimbabwe has not been as apocalyptic as predicted by critics. Nor has it been as positive as anticipated by those that support their introduction. And in both cases, the politics of the bond notes has been muted. Despite some demonstrations planned and threats of arrest and detention of those


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