• Democracy – the worst form of government…

    Democracy – the worst form of government…1

    … “except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time”, as Churchill reminded us. People are still talking about #Brexit, as one might expect given the severity of some potential consequences of the United Kingdom withdrawing from the EU. But some people – including one that I have great respect

  • Zambia Election and the Promise of Free Education

    Zambia Election and the Promise of Free Education0

    A heated debate on the feasibility of free education has ensued on the Zambian political scene ahead of the 11th August general elections. Education is one of the key campaign issues given the high illiteracy levels in Zambia. According to UNICEF, though Zambia made commendable progress in increasing access to education and gender parity, more

  • What does Trump say about us?

    What does Trump say about us?0

    On June 16 of 2015, a friend and I found ourselves in a New York hotel, feeling somewhat compromised after a late night and much revelry. Thanks to our throbbing heads, the spectacle of Donald Trump’s glass elevator arrival – in order to give the first of many bombastic and often fact-free speeches in support

  • What does Digital Culture say about Land Grabs?

    What does Digital Culture say about Land Grabs?0

    For the tenth time in a decade, global champions of digital culture met in Berlin. Known as Re:publica, the conference “has grown from a cozy blogger meeting with 700 participants in 2007” into nearly 10 thousands. As a member of #AfricanBlogging interested in land rights, one keynote was of particular interest. As Professor Saskia Sassen was

  • Drums of war and how the ICC failed Kenya

    Drums of war and how the ICC failed Kenya0

    It’s 8 o’clock on Monday morning when I start putting this piece together. A little happier than I have been about Mondays in the recent past – happy because today there will be no street protests in my city, Kisumu. Mondays have been marked with street protests called by Kenya’s opposition coalition CORD over electoral


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Dear Kenyans, @UKenyatta loves pretending to be a military commander and that should be deeply concerning to all. Commander-in-Chief is a civilian designation, not a military one and civilian control over the armed forces is a fundamental tenet of Kenya's constitution. twitter.com/ntvkenya…