• Zimbabwean Music and its Influence on Society

    Zimbabwean Music and its Influence on Society0

    Zimbabwean music has continued playing an important part in the country’s cultural history, shaping social discourse in the everyday lives of people. Over the years musical compositions of different genres have been churned providing entertainment, provoking debate, educating society and providing social commentary in our communities and country at large. Music has acted as a

  • Support  for innovation needs a will and a heart to feel the need

    Support for innovation needs a will and a heart to feel the need0

    At the just concluded ICT Innovators Forum organised by the Uganda Communications Commission in Bugolobi, Kampala the minister for ICT and information Frank Tumwebaze said;  Someone talked about mentorship and subsidised internet but where do I find you to mentor you or to subsidise internet? That means there must be a common centre or we

  • -The role of social media  in augmented political realities in Zimbabwe

    -The role of social media in augmented political realities in Zimbabwe0

    Photo Credit : REUTERS There is always interest in assessing how the interaction of new technologies affects everyday human realities. In the age of the internet, this is referred to as ‘augmented reality’. It refers in part to how computer and internet based technology has with the advent of the smart phone and attendant applications,

  • Will Africa Miss The Obamas?

    Will Africa Miss The Obamas?1

    The Obama`s are getting ready to pack their bags to move out of the White House as Barack Obama is near the end of his journey as President of America. He has been in the White House for seven years and has made four state visits to the continent of Africa. The question is, will

  • Museveni gets ‘Meme-fied’

    Museveni gets ‘Meme-fied’0

    Freedom of expression is a lot of things – and for this digital savvy age: cartoons and memes have become a crucial part communicating online. If you don’t already know : a meme is defined as : “a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc. that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly


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It didn’t win at the #STLitAwards (and congrats to @ZakesMda for the award), but @bronwynlv “The Printmaker” is well-worth your attention.