• la presse est elle à la solde du pouvoir en place ?0

    Il est toujours passionnant de suivre le comportement de la presse en période électorale. Elle a toujours un rôle décisif dans le processus dans beaucoup de pays. Le Sénégal n’est pas en reste la presse à jouer un rôle primordial lors de la première alternance démocratique au Sénégal en 2000. Depuis lors, qu’en est il

  • From Ghettoizing to Gentrifying African Studies

    From Ghettoizing to Gentrifying African Studies0

    From time to time we are treated to a powerful critique of, or contentious debate on, African Studies. This time it has come from Haythem Guesmi’s viral article on ‘The Gentrification of African Studies.’ In a way, it is coming on the heels of Jean Allman’s  celebrated address on “#HerskovitsMustFall? A Meditation on Whiteness, African Studies, and the Unfinished Business of 1968.”

  • Strategies to Counter Shrinking Civic Spaces: The Case of the Disability Movement

    Strategies to Counter Shrinking Civic Spaces: The Case of the Disability Movement0

    There is a growing culture of intolerance and impunity by some African leaders. This makes it increasingly difficult for civil society movements to play an effective role in keeping governments in check, particularly on their observance of human rights and the rule of law. Persons with disabilities are a historically marginalised group who experience some

  • Role of Young People in Africa Today

    Role of Young People in Africa Today0

    You know that moment when someone says something that you have been thinking but been unable to either put it into the right words or even just say because you don’t think it was ‘a thing’. Sorry if I am rumbling : but this is what happened to me whilst listening to Mr John Githongo

  • Electronic communications law: threat or framework for free speech?0

    Censorship at heart On Wednesday, November 28, 2018, Senegal’s National Assembly voted, during open session, to pass an electronic telecommunications law. The law was passed by the Assembly’s deputies, despite numerous denunciations by associations representing civil society. Sixteen of them held a joint press conference in order to warn the public about the dangers of


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This is as an attempt by the state to shut our voices. As @crisiscoalition we remain unshaken. We implore the @edmnangagwa to stop human rights violations &restore civil liberties of people, send soldiers back to the barracks, restore internet service herald.co.zw/govt-to…