• The 55-year Fight For Kenya

    The 55-year Fight For Kenya0

    Two elections in two months has not settled Kenya’s political crisis. But the impasse is not really about who will sit in State House. It’s a deeper question: it’s about who owns Kenya – its citizens or a historically entrenched political elite. President, Uhuru Kenyatta, won the second edition easily after his main opponent, Raila

  • Could ICC Hand Uhuru Kenyatta a Second Term Victory?

    Could ICC Hand Uhuru Kenyatta a Second Term Victory?0

    Antone Steynberg – A senior ICC lawyer has been quoted saying that the ICC might consider re-opening cases against President Kenyatta and his Deputy, William Ruto should the opposition take over government in August. While this might be good news to victims of the 2007 Post-Election Violence, it could also hand the current government a

  • Will Kenya’s Maize Crisis Send Kenyatta’s Gov’t Packing?

    Will Kenya’s Maize Crisis Send Kenyatta’s Gov’t Packing?0

    Maize meal – popularly known in Kenya as ugali is the country’s staple food. Even though the population consumes other products such as wheat bread, rice and potatoes as key sources of starch, a meal will be incomplete without a serving of ugali. That though has been the state in most dinner tables in Kenyan households over


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