• The 55-year Fight For Kenya

    The 55-year Fight For Kenya0

    Two elections in two months has not settled Kenya’s political crisis. But the impasse is not really about who will sit in State House. It’s a deeper question: it’s about who owns Kenya – its citizens or a historically entrenched political elite. President, Uhuru Kenyatta, won the second edition easily after his main opponent, Raila

  • The “Independent Revolution” – Will it Save Kenya from Tribal Politics?

    The “Independent Revolution” – Will it Save Kenya from Tribal Politics?0

    Politics in Kenya has from late 70s been a game of ethnic numbers. This game was perfected by the advent of multiparty democracy in early 1990s when former President Daniel arap Moi allowed for the repeal of Section 2A of the then Kenyan Constitution. Political alignments since then have involved ethnic communities ganging up against

  • Why the opposition may not be best suited to rescue Kenya from lootocracy

    Why the opposition may not be best suited to rescue Kenya from lootocracy1

    Kenyans are tired. Their country has been up for sale since the white man’s administration. They took the most fertile lands for themselves and literally robbed us of our natural resources. With the Mau Mau struggle, Kenyans hopped that they would regain their land, the most important means of production. Kenya’s first President, Jomo Kenyatta

  • Kenya’s Crisis of Memory and Imagination

    Kenya’s Crisis of Memory and Imagination0

    Kenya today finds itself in the throes of a crisis. In the run up to next year’s scheduled general election, weekly opposition protests and the subsequent brutal crackdown, have deeply polarized the country and left at least three people dead and many others, including police officers, wounded. Though now suspended, a threat to restart the


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This @Poynter analysis of whether @nytimes should have run the graphic pic of #RiversideAttack is all about protecting readers. Very little on the dignity of victims. And I think media houses should have broad guidelines for editors to ensure consistency. poynter.org/ethics-t… pic.twitter.com/kItB…