• Church, Faith and Politics in Zimbabwe: Recalling the Secular

    Church, Faith and Politics in Zimbabwe: Recalling the Secular0

    Religion has always been a key aspect of Zimbabwe’s national consciousness. And its points of entry into this national consciousness are many. From the very indigenous African Traditional religion and its uniquely liberatory  role in the 1st and 2nd Chimurengas through to orthodox Christianity and its mixed legacy of conservatism and literacy. Not forgetting other

  • Why are people so afraid of politics ?

    Why are people so afraid of politics ?0

    Recently I was in a small village in Benin called Possotome. I went there to meet with the populations to talk about citizen participation. The first question I asked during our first encounter and therefore first working session was “As citizens are you active in your community, are you involved in the development of your

  • Malawi – 56 Years After Dunduzu K. Chisiza’s “Realities of African Independence”

    Malawi – 56 Years After Dunduzu K. Chisiza’s “Realities of African Independence”0

    “Vindictiveness directed at the opposition parties has its nemesis when tables are turned – not to mention the adverse effect of the resultant strife on economic development.” Dunduzu Kaluli Chisiza In his futuristic 1961 book “Realities of African Independence”, Dunduzu Kaluli Chisiza envisioned some of the problems that newly independent African States would face. He

  • Alcohol and Mental Health in Malawi

    Alcohol and Mental Health in Malawi0

    Sometimes you get a feeling that Malawi is a country in a permanent state of socio-political and economic crisis; from newspaper headlines, political speeches to random chats on social media one wonders how the inhabitants of this peaceful beautiful country get-by day-by-day. The problem is, as I have argued before, because Malawi leaders always opt

  • Will Africa Miss The Obamas?

    Will Africa Miss The Obamas?1

    The Obama`s are getting ready to pack their bags to move out of the White House as Barack Obama is near the end of his journey as President of America. He has been in the White House for seven years and has made four state visits to the continent of Africa. The question is, will


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