• How Will Zambians Remember Patriotic Front?

    How Will Zambians Remember Patriotic Front?0

    Should the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) succeed to lose tomorrow’s election, what memories will Zambians hold of a party many loved for its pro-poor ideologies and populist political strategy? In 2011 under the leadership of the late Michael Sata, in polls widely lauded as free and fair, the PF made history on the African continent

  • Zambia: Tribal Talk Backfires on Ruling Party

    Zambia: Tribal Talk Backfires on Ruling Party0

    An effort to use tribalism and regionalism tactics and antics to disadvantage the opposition in upcoming general elections has terribly backfired on Zambia’s ruling party, Patriotic Front (FP), forcing President Lungu to call for an immediate ceasefire. Featuring on National Television on the evening of Sunday 10th January, 2016, chief government spokesperson and senior party


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